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About us

Enterprise-class infrastructure

340 ADA fixed fee

0.5% margin

Support great educational content

Our mission

Amongst crypto enthusiasts certain level of blockchain knowledge is a given. However, crypto community is still only a minor part of the entire population. Our goal is to provide a structural knowledge entry-point into the world of blockchain technology with focus on our favorite - Cardano!

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Pool info

Our nodes are all hosted on enterprise-class infrastructure with 24/7 uptime. VPS are all 100% SSD instances with >100MBps bandwith, located in Germany and USA. Monitoring, security and backups are done according to industry's best practices to ensure safe and reliable staking for our delegators.

You can delegate to our pool by searching for our ticker "RHEA" on your Daedalus wallet and select it for delegation. Also, if you are using Yoroi wallet, you can copy and paste our ticker "RHEA" into the "Delegate" section of your Yoroi wallet.

For more info about delegating ADA check out our delegation guide!

Ticker: RHEA

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